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Category: Main/3. Electronics Equipments & Systems for embedded electronics design and PCB assembly/3.1. Dry cabinet, Enviroment storage

  SL-1336CA: 1~20%RH Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinet - Tủ sấy ẩm (H1950xW1200xD660mm@1360L)
  Part#: EDRY SL-1336CA
  Ghi chú: Tủ sấy IC và bo mạch (Edry)
  Nhãn hiệu: EDRY (Đài Loan/Taiwan)
  Video: SL-1336CA
  [ Tài liệu Datasheet ]   [ Quotation Quotation sheet ]   [ Shopping Shopping now ]   [ Views: 8582 ]   2021-01-11
 ◊ Đặc điểm chính:



 EDRY’S ultra-low moisture technology is power saving.THE dehumidifying effectiveness and lifespan of elementsare 6-fold greater than those of other brands.


The manufacturing of the ultra-low moisture cabinet completely follows the standards of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 on managing the IC integrated circuit. The omission of repackaging and the high temperature treatment enhance the assembly quality while reducing the cost effectively.
Much more superior than the counterparts in terms of de-humidification power,speed of de-humidification after door opening, life span and energy saving.

Much more superior than the counterparts in terms of dehumidification power, speed of dehumidification after door opening, life span and energy saving.

Đáp ứng tốt hơn nhiều so với các hãng sản xuất khác về khả năng khử ẩm và tốc độ khử ẩm sau khi mở cửa, tuổi thọ (độ bền) và tiết kiệm điện năng.

Capacity:1360L (Dung tích)
Outside Size:H1950 x W1200 x D660 mm         (Kích thước ngoài) 
Inside Size:H1800 x W1198 x D630 mm           (Kích thước trong) 

Vui lòng tham khảo thêm ở bài viết http://www.tula.vn/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=197

 ◊ Mô tả chi tiết:

1. Extreme Speed Desiccating Performance

Industrial desiccating and moisture prevention must be fast and stable. EDRY leads the world to launch the extreme speed desiccating ultra low humidity main desiccating unit to lower the humidity level to less than 10% within 5 minutes and maintain stable 1%RH 
lowest humidity level in long period of time. One hour after power up , even with power interruption, it will maintain less than 15%RH humidity level in a period of 24 hours. It can completely replace nitrogen filling and other dry air equipment. 


2. Speedy humidity reduction even with multiple door openings

EDRY Desiccators core machine can maintain a maximum of 70 hours of desiccating capability. Multiple door openings will allow humidity level speedy reduction, fully in Compliance with the requirement of instant access to storage items by manufacturing, research and development    organization, to improve work efficiency and product yields ,“Dry Cabinet from other brand can only maintain 3 to 4 hours of desiccation capability, desiccation process needs to be restarted after door opening twice. Such intensive desiccating activities inconveniently hinder the usage. “In other word, number of desiccating represents shorter equipment life span and lower desiccating capability. According to test, Moisture Buster’s main desiccating unit has 10 times of life span, desiccating capability and energy efficiency compares to other brands(as shown in following diagram).


3. Patented Speedy Desiccation

EDRY uses patented speedy desiccating design to allow desiccating process more stable and the humidity level will not fluctuate. Other brand products uses shape memory alloys, not only slow in starting desiccating, but the humidity level returns to more than 10% during desiccating process.


4. World Leading Patented Technology 

As the leading brand of desiccating product, EDRY Extreme Speed Main Desiccating Unit won three key patents. All it takes is one main desiccating unit will bring humidity level down to 1% easily (Other brand product may need 6 to 10 main desiccating units). This is not only reducing energy consumption, it reduces future maintenance cost. Polymer physical adsorption turbo desiccation technology future won the approval rate of more than 90% of major electronic manufacturers globally as their favorite product. It is not required to replace consumables, low energy consumption , and superb desiccating results are the major characteristics that meet IPC/JEDEC-STD-033A and SMD processing requirement standards. Its popularity is not coincidental. 


Perfect Humidity Control Performance

Industrial quality control is an important task but you are not able to stare at the hygrometer all the time. Intelligent microcomputer, touch panel and LCD panel can help you not only switching displays between temperature and humidity level, it is equipped with humidity level recording function to real time check humidity level in the cabinet. It can also be arbitrarily set desired humidity level between 1% -90%RH and stabilized humidity control within +2% & -2%RH range. Upon power failure, it will memorize the preset value and will not be altered due to power failure. Furthermore, it can be upgraded with internet connection to monitor and control the humidity level on line, which gives you a peace of mind all the time. The low humidity specialized sensor is made in the USA by Honeywell with stability, accuracy and credibility.

 Thêm chi tiết:



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